A Poem About Buffy Summers

A Poem About Buffy Summers

To be The Chosen One
is not what anyone requests,
is not what any girl picks
for herself,
maybe tries it on for fantasy,
thinks how cool it would be to save the world,
to be adored by millions.

but fantasy is just that,

No apocalypse actually feels heroic,
a fight for your life is rarely comprised of
stuff people dream about.

Because when death is your gift,
you are battling demons that go
beyond the bumpy kind.

See, to be The Chosen One
is to shoulder a burden
you were never given a choice with,
is to be signed up for a fate
that girls your age will never understand.

So how are you to ever get close?
How are you to ever let your guard down
when your entire job is to protect humanity?

I mean, sheesh, talk about intimacy issues!
Love must feel like walking a tightrope
and beneath the tightrope is the fate
of everyone you hold dear.
Love is telling your sweetheart,
“sorry, Darling, raincheck on date night because
I have to save the world tonight!”

Bravery is doing what you must,
is doing what you have to
even when you wish you could bow out.

To be The Chosen One
requires undeniable strength
and it’s not just found in special powers,
it’s in the heart.
It’s in the soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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